Help families in their time of need.

Organize a grieving family's needs into a Support Registry by bringing together friends, family, and coworkers to provide the help they need most.

Support Registry includes:

  • Funds: Crowdsource support for medical bills, funeral costs, and more.
  • Food: Direct supporters toward Mealtrain, meals, and grocery needs.
  • Volunteer: Organize lists of volunteers for tasks, to-dos, and in-person help.
  • Memories: Collect pictures and stories in one place.
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Ready to learn how Mi Alma helps families and their community of supporters? Watch our brief product demo to see the Support Registry in action.

Easy-to-use support registry for sensitive seasons of grief and loss.

Support comes in many shapes and sizes

When a family is in need, support can evolve as their needs change. Now, there's one place to keep it all straight.

  • Communication
  • Services & Locations
  • Times & Dates
  • Resources (Food, Funds, Volunteers)
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Built for when life gets turned upside down.

Helpful tools and resources to organize support during challenging times:

  • Terminal Diagnosis
  • Late-Stage Decline
  • Hospice & Palliative Care
  • Sudden Accident
  • Passing of a Loved One
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See everything the family needs in one place.

Take the awkward out of asking for help.

Your community wants to help. Now, you can make it clear and simple.

Centralized Support

Put an end to the chaos of coordinating and communicating the help you need.

  • Centralize communication
  • Organize family and supporters
  • Update needs as they evolve
  • Access tools and resources
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Combine the urgent, short-term needs with long-term preservation of memories, photos, and stories of those you love.

1. Support Registry

Organize support during the days and weeks of pressing needs.

2. Memory Wall

Collect the stories, memories, and photos of your loved one and keep them in one place—forever!

What They're Saying...

We’ve introduced Mi Alma to thousands of grievers, supporters, spiritual leaders, hospice providers, non-profit organizations, hospital staff, corporate executives, grief counselors, therapists, and others. Here’s what a few of them had to say.

"Maintaining connections with your person who died is critical to a child’s and family’s grieving process. Mi Alma has been a gift to Kate’s Club families as it allows them to do this in their own way and on their own timeline."
"As a widow and mom, my biggest fear is that our two young kids won’t know how special and loved their father was. Having a Mi Alma page to collect pictures, stories, and more is comforting knowing my kids will know and feel a sense of connection with their father."
"Navigating grief and loss can be such a lonely experience. Mi Alma offers a wonderful way to signal to our employees we support them in the moments that matter in their lives-- especially the more difficult ones."
"Building a Mi Alma page for my husband Scott gave my family and friends a place to share their favorite memories of him. What started as a special moment they shared with him has become a collection of photos and stories that make up a digital tapestry of his entire life. I love to learn about him through other people’s eyes and be reminded of the impact he made. Mi Alma is the gift where Scott’s legacy will never fade."
"Mi Alma has done a beautiful job of creating an empathetic way to create remembrance pages. I created a page for Skylar and sent it out to close friends and family. Seeing the beautiful moments they shared moved me to tears. Before Mi Alma, I didn’t have a way to invite people to contribute those pictures of stories in one place. Now we benefit from having those memories."
"One of the unexpected and rather heartwarming elements that emerged from my use of Mi Alma occurred after I shared the link with my family. Their responses to my invitation were gracious, and my sister selected some of her favorite photos of my dad, which in turn started a lovely set of exchanges between us about what we remember about Dad and how we remember him."

Grief is universal. Support starts here.

Mi Alma mobilizes communities to memorialize legacies and support anyone that’s experiencing the loss of a loved one.